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"Die Überflieger" - in a nutshell

Welcome to "Die berflieger"!

We stand for an individual, holistic and highly successful concept with a long-lasting effect. Our tools are coaching and aid provided by qualified, trained and supervised private tutors.

During his work a tutor concentrates on seeking the client's qualitative shortcomings accompanied by developing learning techniques and working structures. A personal psychological coaching, which also pays attention to the crucial physical requirements for ideal studying, helps the tutor's work, thus making it deeply efficient.

While taking these three aspects into account and adapting them to the student's private circumstances, especially at school, qualitative shortcomings are tackled in every subject, which, in addition, builds learning structure, motivation, concentration and a degree of independence. As a result, examination nerves and instability, the so-called laziness, indifference, lack of concentration and overburdening may dissolve with time.

In the early mentoring lessons it is often all about the quick improvement of critical marks. However, as time goes by, the focus shifts onto the student's unfolding regarding his academic performance. Finally, there is not only an improved grade point average but also an effective studying technique, a growing self-organization and a greater robustness when dealing with school related problems and those in private life.

Our very first goal is to make the student solve his difficulties at school. Our second goal is a student, who acquires skills, techniques and knowledge that prevent problems from arising during school, in training or at university.

Ultimately, however, it is all about the student to understand himself, to gain confidence in himself, in his skills and in his future potential in order to develop his very own and inner guide for life in a time of countless opportunities and uncertainties.


Dr. Klaus & Elke Esser
Founder and director of "Dieberflieger

Die Überflieger

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